Reviewing Team Format for 2020: Balancing Freelancer (Part Time), Project Based, And Full Time

Here at Shadstone, we have been in existence since 2007! Can you believe that! Always as an Asia boutique B2B service provider – we started as a China sourcing agency (check the archives at

Times have changed since 2007! We are fully online now, much different from our walk through of a full time, fixed office we had in Shenzhen, China in 2008

So entering into 2020 – it makes me think of the best way to balance online work, part time, flexible hours – with getting a lot of work done fast and hyper training and hyper scaling.

One of the negatives I have found so far with flexible hours is it is hard to know how much work someone can handle and it is hard to grow new tasks. Considering keeping things as is with current team but may need to have more fixed hours people entering. Yet I have noticed mixing that in the past has been an issue too.

Our partner company, Alpha Rock Capital, is going fully full time and in-house. It was a rough transition with some people leaving. Here at Shadstone we are sticking with the online team – but the question is how to balance fully flexible. Maybe management simply needs to know how much capacity one person has, so that we can scale by adding more people to add more of those tasks.

Regardless, the team has been doing well – but we just need to find ways to scale (add more people) smoothly while keeping the current team happy.

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