Shadstone Updates June 16 2019

Mike is back to Thailand from China / Hong Kong. The big one is that Chinese factories are very nervous about this US trade war – and that Amazon USA is getting harder and more competitive.

We are excited to hear it is getting harder.


Because Shadstone is a content creation and marketing expert. And when things get harder – those who make quality content and build real brands will be the ones who stand through the challenging times.

We notice that with Sisitano – it is a lot of work upfront to build a brand. And you need to sometimes lose money (like recalling a faulty packaging job). But these hard times are what define us – and we need to think long term.

More requests for content help has been coming in via Content Investments website as well as referrals in our network.

And we are doubling down. Growing out a new department for Influencer Marketing – this will combine the content creation and then the content distribution via influencers.

Mike is excited to see Shadstone grow in these tough times and if you would like to work with a creative and online based team of talent and flexibility – reach out to us today!

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