Week Updates At Shadstone Limited Nov 12, 2018

A few big updates happening with various investments in the Shadstone portfolio of companies:


GFA is going through a reorganization in management. Mike will be delegating even more departments and leadership roles to various people in the team. Luisa Hutchinson will be heading up the sales and business development team, Anna Castillo is heading up the Marketing, SEO department re-organizing the website layout and content strategy, and Mindy Chiu will continue to help with the project management and HR. Mike Michelini will still be involved with the business but more as one of the hosts of the show and less in the daily management of the operations.


Unipro is still in discussions about opening a coworking space in Hong Kong. Ray Ng sees the strong relationship between corporate services and coworking (desk rental). It is also a steady business model and aligned with what the team is able to do.


At Shadstone consulting we just started a new web design project for an investment fund.


At Para Living Inc, Lorenzo is continuing to show his value by helping get Instagram influencers to promote the Sisitano coffee pot. We are also considering raising money or taking new partners in the company.


As always, if reading any of these updates sparks interest in cooperating, please reach out to our business development team on the contact page of Shadstone.


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